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31 EUR

Oversized linen tea towel with a red flower print.
Every piece is unique and slightly different due to the printing method.
100% Linen
Hand stamped with dye
75 cm x 53 cm
Limited prints
Every tea towel comes with its unique number
Gentle machine wash cold 30C
Wash separate as color could bleed
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Iron on high setting, although I think linens look best wrinkled

RUE DES BELLES FEUILLES is a tiny shop created in attempt to make a series of tea towels, using a process I half taught myself and half improvised. For each design, I created giant stamps to hand print, or more precisely foot print due to stamps' great sizes. All prints are on 100% quality linen fabric, which becomes softer and builds character as it ages. To respect the quality of linen, it was important for me to use dye as printing medium to leave the fabric as soft as possible. This complex and unpredictable printing process allows each print to be unique in color and texture, so take note that the tea towel delivered to you will be slightly different from the product photo and is stamped with its unique number.

Here is my first series of eight oversized linen tea towels. They were foot stamped, or I often danced on top of the stamps, during extremely hot summer months in a flat on Rue des Belles Feuilles in Paris. I hope you like them. They will look great in your kitchen or on your wall.

Thanks for stopping by!

With love,
Jin Angdoo ;-)